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College Tryouts

Being an athlete in a competive sport, I have completed tryouts for major teams and stages across the world. While I have mastered a new skill with each tryout, they don't compare to the biggest tryouts of my life - College Tryouts!


I invite you to journey with me as I take the next step towards becoming the first Anesthesiologist in my family. I'll share my application submissions processes, campus visists, Senior year highlights, and much more. Hope you're ready for some crazy competition...I know I am!

Road to Greatness

Staying Grounded

No, I don't mean punishment (Natasha Pryor ain't, I mean isn't...Natasha Pryor isn't having that), rather rooted and focused. It takes tenacity and great courage to keep pushing, especially after the past couple of years we've had. I carry a few quotes with me daily to gather inspiration and to help keep me on track. I hope they help you too. 

Be the change you want to see in the world.

- Author Unknown

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